Interface IStoryBlockProps

The props type of StoryBlock component.


  • IStoryBlockProps


adConfiguration?: AdConfiguration

Ad configuration of the feed. Only supported on iOS.

channel?: string

Channel id of the story block. Required when the source is set as channel or playlist or dynamicContent.

dynamicContentParameters?: {
    [key: string]: string[];

The dynamic content parameters of the story block. Required when the source is set as dynamicContent.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string[]
enablePictureInPicture?: boolean

Specifies if Picture in Picture is enabled. Only supported on iOS.

hashtagFilterExpression?: string

Hashtag filter expression is an s-expression used to provide feeds filtered by hashtags with specified criteria. Queries are specified with boolean predicates on what hashtags are there on the video. For instance, (and sport food) (or sport food) (and sport (or food comedy)) sport are all valid expressions. Non-UTF-8 characters are not allowed. If using boolean predicates, the expression needs to be wrapped with parenthesis. Only supported on iOS.

onStoryBlockLoadFinished?: ((error?: FWError) => void)

Type declaration

    • (error?: FWError): void
    • The feed loading result callback. It means loading successfully when error equals to undefined.


      Returns void

playlist?: string

Playlist id of the story block. Please note channel id is necessary. Required when the source is set as playlist.

One of four available story block sources.

style?: StyleProp<ViewStyle>

Standard React Native View Style.

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