Interface VideoPlayerConfiguration


  • VideoPlayerConfiguration


ctaButtonStyle?: VideoPlayerCTAStyle

The style of CTA button style. Only supported on iOS.

Specifies the delay before showing the CTA.

ctaHighlightDelay?: VideoPlayerCTADelay

Specifies the delay before the highlight animation occurs.

Specifies the desired width for the Video Player CTA button. Only supported on iOS.

launchBehavior?: VideoLaunchBehavior

Specifies the video player launch behavior.


The type will be deprecated since RN SDK V2.0.

playerStyle?: VideoPlayerStyle

Sets the proportion of the video player to its container.

showBranding?: boolean

Indicates if Firework branding should be showed or not.

showMuteButton?: boolean

Indicates if the video player shows mute button.

showPlaybackButton?: boolean

Indicates if the video player shows playback button.

showShareButton?: boolean

Indicates if the video player shows share button.

videoCompleteAction?: VideoPlayerCompleteAction

Behavior occurring after video is complete.

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