VideoPlaybackEventName enum Null safety



adEnd → const VideoPlaybackEventName

When ad video finishes playing.

const VideoPlaybackEventName(6)
clickCTA → const VideoPlaybackEventName

When a visitor clicks on CTA button (if available).

const VideoPlaybackEventName(7)
clickShare → const VideoPlaybackEventName

When user clicks on "Share" button.

const VideoPlaybackEventName(8)
complete → const VideoPlaybackEventName

Video reached 100%.

const VideoPlaybackEventName(5)
firstQuartile → const VideoPlaybackEventName

Video reached 25%.

const VideoPlaybackEventName(2)
impression → const VideoPlaybackEventName

When video is shown to the user.

const VideoPlaybackEventName(0)
midpoint → const VideoPlaybackEventName

Video reached 50%.

const VideoPlaybackEventName(3)
start → const VideoPlaybackEventName

Video started.

const VideoPlaybackEventName(1)
thirdQuartile → const VideoPlaybackEventName

Video reached 75%.

const VideoPlaybackEventName(4)
values → const List<VideoPlaybackEventName>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<VideoPlaybackEventName>


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